Medicine to shrink myomas


NEW DRUG TO SHRINK MYOMAS. The growth of myomas or fibroids have been found to be promoted by progesterone. Therefore blocking the progesterone receptors have been found to reduce myomas as has been proven by a new drug called ULIPRISTAL (brand name Esmya), available in the Philippines. It has contraceptive benefits and is particularly effective for stopping the bleeding caused by myomas . However , it is contraindicated in patients, especially those in the perimenopausal or menopausal stage where cancer might be suspected . In patients with huge or multiple myomas beyond 8 cm, a hysterectomy can still be done minimally invasively via robotic surgery. Because the instruments of Robotic surgery have 7 degrees of movement, which surpasses the human hand, suturing is made far more easily than laparoscopic surgery . Blood loss is less than open surgery and downtime is reduced markedly from 6 weeks in an open surgery to one week with a robotic surgery . Before subjecting yourself to an open surgery examine your options and consult with a Gynecologist who performs robotic surgery so see if it is for you.