Marites Ampil, successful Robotic Surgery Philippines

Miss Teresita Ampil who underwent a successful Robotic Surgery Philippines for Multiple Myoma.

Miss Teresita Ampil who underwent a successful Robotic Surgery Philippines

My name is Marites Ampil. I am 54 years old. I work full time and caregiver/guardian to my 88 year old mother.

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myoma. I was not prepared to undergo surgery then as the thought of a large abdominal incision plus long post-surgical recovery, long hospital stay scared me to death. I never had surgery before. I could not imagine my mother not being cared for me immediately after surgery.

In April of this year, complications of my condition worsened and I had to make a decision that it is time for surgery. I was extremely anxious. I did not know any gynecologist surgeon.

I was given 5 pages of the list of surgeons at the hospital information. I did not understand the titles of the surgeons and what they can offer. I prayed hard for enlightenment. The printed copy of the list of gynecologic surgeons hardly helped as it was hardly legible. I believe there was some divine intervention. I randomly picked the name of Dr. Rebecca Singson, who specializes in Robotic Surgery Philippines.

I consulted with Dr. Singson, who offered Robotic Assisted Technology, considering my home situation and apprehensions. I still had no clue. I was reassured that this is a minimally invasive procedure and hospital stay is also minimal. I was still extremely anxious.

Dr. Singson and her team were very reassuring.

Dr. Singson performed Robotic Assisted Hysterectomy and I was up on my feet 12 hours after my robotic surgery philippines. My apprehensions were all sorted. I had four very small incisions- 1 cm each in size.

Considering the volume of the diseased uterus, I find it extremely incredible that such diseased organ was surgically removed not through traditional large abdominal incision. Pain was also relatively controlled.

I was discharged home after 2 days. My heartfelt gratitude to the surgical skills of Dr. Rebecca Singson and the Robotic Technology.

Thank you to the surgical and nursing team of St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City.

Now I am back with my mother who is likewise grateful for the short and safe hospital stay.