Lyn Alayon: About My Robotic Surgery in the Philippines

Robotic Surgeon Rebecca Singson and the Da Vinci Robot, Robotic Surgery in the Philippines

Robotic Surgeon Rebecca Singson and the Da Vinci Robot used for Robotic Surgery in the Philippines

The Results of my Robotic Surgery in the Philippines

Last February 2016, I had a consultation with Dr. Rebecca Singson, a Robotic Surgery in the Philippines specialist,  because of severe menstrual cramps and low back pain. I was diagnosed with adenomyoma, adenomyosis and bilateral endometriotic cysts. Within the same month, I underwent robotic laparoscopy at St. Luke’s Medical Centre Global City.

When I first came to the clinic, I was welcomed by her friendly nurse, Ms. Maika. She patiently answers all my questions and always shows willingness to extend help whenever I need assistance. Dr. Rebecca Singson is a good gynecologist. She is direct to the point and explained my condition well.

Series of laboratory tests and scans were done preoperatively. Nurse Maika helped me to follow up my results that made things organized.

After all the results were released, Dr. Rebecca Singson scheduled my surgery on the earliest date possible.

I was so scared because that was my first time to undergo surgery. The stress of knowing that I will be going under the knife is really terrifying. But knowing that Dr. Rebecca Singson is the well experienced surgeon in this field of robotic laparoscopy, it made me feel more secured. I know I am in good hands.

Surgery day came. They wheeled me into the operating theatre complex at 5:00 am. Bunch of friendly nurses came and greeted me. They checked my vital signs, did a skin test, and explained the preoperative preparations and what to expect after the surgery. Few minutes later, the anesthesiologist, Dr. Sukarno Gani came. He run through my medical history and gave me information about the anesthesia. Just before I was transferred go the operating theatre table, I saw Dr. Rebecca Singson already seated at the Da Vinci robot console. She came to me and gave reassurance.

It took almost 7 hours to complete my surgery. As I was returned to the ward, my husband told me that my case was really complicated, it was long and challenging surgery, but I tolerated it well!

Two days after the surgery I was discharged from the hospital, thereafter series of follow up consultations. Ms. Maika never failed in giving appointment reminders.

I appreciate that Dr. Rebecca Singson took a holistic approach on my condition. She advised me to do a food intolerance test in order for me to have well-guarded diet after the surgery. My condition is related on consuming inflammatory foods. It is really helpful knowing what the foods I should avoid are and what are the substitutes for it.

Now it’s been 3 months since I had the surgery. I can say that I am doing well and really benefited from the surgery. I only have 4 small incision scars where they docked in the Da Vinci robot arms and scope. Considering the size, complexity and location of the cysts, it was really a great decision to do it by robotic laparoscopy as strongly advised by Dr. Rebecca Singson, rather than doing it by conventional laparoscopy.

Thank you Dr. Rebecca Singson, to the entire team of St. Luke’s Medical Centre Global City, and as well as to her clinic nurse, Ms. Maika who helped me all throughout my treatment.

I am really grateful with the utmost care and excellent service that the whole medical team gave me.

Lyn Alayon