I had Robotic Surgery Philippines: Susan Fetalvo

Davinci Robot used in Robotic Surgery Philippines

This is the Davinci Robot that is used in Robotic Surgery Philippines by Dra. Rebecca Singson.

Dr. Rebecca Singson has been my OB since 2009. What I like about her is that she has been jolly and very positive not only regarding health but also to life. When you enter her clinic which is decorated with Italian inspired paintings and surrounded by mirrors, you can never feel that you are in a hospital setting. Her nurses, Maika and Claresse are very approachable and they always remind me of my appointments with Dr. Singson. It was my regular checkup last February for my ultrasound result under Dr. Comia. The results showed an endometriotic cyst on my right ovary and adenomyosis. Dr. Singson discussed with me the causes and possible Robotic Surgery Philippines treatments of my condition. She explained to me the differences between laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery. Because of my complicated condition, 2 previous surgeries with expected adhesions, Dr. Singson explained to me that Robotic Surgery Philippines was best for me. I was scheduled for Robotic Surgery Assisted Hysterectomy with Right Salpingooophorectomy last May 10, 2016. I was worried at first because it was my first time to undergo such procedure. From time to time, I would call her nurses to ask questions for Dr. Singson and she would always answer and reassure me that everything will go well.

I was admitted early morning last May 10, 2016 for my robotic surgery. Whether I was in pre-op and post-op, the duty nurses or anyone who heard that I was under the care of Dr. Singson just kept telling me over and over that I was in good hands. The Robotic Surgery Philippines lasted for just almost an hour and I was transferred to my room 2 hours after my surgery. The day after, I was already pacing around my room and Dr. Singson was even amazed when she did her rounds. I stayed in the hospital just for two days and was finally discharged early morning of May 13, 2016. I didn’t feel any severe pain (maybe a pain scale of 1-2 over 10) and was back to normal around 3 days after my surgery. I only had 4 small incisions in my tummy which did not interfere with my daily activities. She is the best doctor for me and I highly recommend her to everyone who is in need of medical treatment related to reproductive health. So, if I ever have any other medical problems, I will definitely come back to her. This is not just my testimony to her; not only about her knowledge and skills, but also about the way the nurses and other staff talked about her, about who she is as a person. She is compassionate and caring and it’s the full package you desire when you’re looking for a great physician.