How to undergo a major surgery without missing a day of work


It is possible to not miss a day of work after a complicated major surgery, if done with Robotic Surgery . I recently performed a Robotic Surgery to remove the uterus, cervix, Fallopian tubes and ovaries of a high level bank executive who had multiple myomas in her uterus with ovarian cysts . She was a complicated case. Because she had a previous laparoscopic removal of her left ovarian cyst for endometriosis (robotic surgery was not even around back then), she had massive adhesions of her ovaries to the intestines and to the back of her uterus which made her case really difficult and complicated . But thanks to robotic surgery on a Friday , she went home in 36 hours and was back to work, full blast in the bank that Monday, without canceling a single meeting, and got her sick leave converted to vacation leave at a future more opportune time !! She is 6 weeks post Robotic Surgery and never had a glitch in her post operative course!!

Robotic surgery is the way to go!! It minimalizes the usual difficult and long recovery of a major surgery !! Hooray for Robotic Surgery !